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London, United Kingdom, 27th Sep 2023, King NewsWireIn a groundbreaking initiative, London-based non-profit organization Impact Cardinals is pioneering a unique solution to combat global food insecurity. Founded by Amina Touré, Impact Cardinals is introducing the Basic Nutrition Token (BNT), a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, to generate funds for the creation of off-ground urban farms in Kenya. This innovative model leverages blockchain technology and philanthropy to revolutionize the fight against hunger.

The Basic Nutrition Token operates as a non-profit stablecoin, with all generated profits directed towards Impact Cardinals’ mission. Here’s how it works: individuals can purchase BNT with real fiat currency and, in return, receive an equivalent amount in BNT. For instance, a $100 investment yields 100 Basic Nutrition Tokens. These tokens are then invested in US bonds, yielding an estimated 3% interest, which Impact Cardinals channels back into their mission. Crucially, individuals can redeem their initial investment, ensuring that no one loses money while supporting a philanthropic cause.

“We believe that the world has the resources to eradicate hunger,” emphasizes Amina Touré, Founder of Impact Cardinals. “It’s not a question of availability but fair distribution. The Basic Nutrition Token empowers people to contribute without financial sacrifice.”

The Impact Cardinals team consists of three passionate changemakers with expertise in blockchain technology, human rights, and international development. Amina Touré, a law graduate and human rights researcher, leads the organization, while Salina and Davis, experienced blockchain developers, contribute their expertise to the project.

Part of the BNT’s uniqueness lies in its transparency and traceability. Blockchain ensures that every dollar invested is tracked, and Impact Cardinals is committed to providing adopters with the ability to monitor the impact of their investments.

Furthermore, Impact Cardinals invites businesses and merchants to embrace the BNT, offering them an opportunity to contribute to social causes without financial risk. By holding BNT for a minimum of three months to generate interest, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to human rights and environmental sustainability.

At this early development stage, Impact Cardinals aims to attract 1,000 early adopters of the BNT who will sign up on their website before the end of the year. This support not only fuels the project but also demonstrates its appeal to potential investors. Registering is quick, free, and takes less than five minutes, marking your commitment to this transformative mission.

The funds raised through the BNT will finance the construction of small urban farms in Kenya, a model proven effective in addressing food insecurity. A thousand BNT, generating around 3% interest, can cover the costs of a 100-square-meter urban farm, providing sustainable nutrition for five individuals.

Beyond ending hunger, Impact Cardinals believes that their initiative will positively impact gender equality, education, and climate resilience in vulnerable regions.

To become an early adopter of the Basic Nutrition Token and support this pioneering effort, visit Your registration takes less than five minutes and is cost-free, signaling your commitment to this transformative mission.

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Impact Cardinals is a London-based non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating hunger and addressing related global challenges. Their innovative use of blockchain technology through the Basic Nutrition Token aims to create a sustainable solution for food insecurity. To learn more and join the mission, visit

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