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Russia Flexes New Nuclear Submarine Emperor Alexander III With Successful Ballistic Missile Launch

In the midst of escalating tensions with the West, Russia’s military announced a successful test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile from their latest nuclear submarine.

What Happened: As reported by Politico, the Russian military has confirmed the successful launch of a ballistic missile from its new nuclear submarine, the Emperor Alexander III. The missile, launched in the White Sea on Sunday, successfully hit a target in the far-eastern region of Kamchatka.

This development comes shortly after President Vladimir Putin retracted Russia’s ratification of a global nuclear test ban. Moscow justifies this move as a necessary step towards achieving parity with the United States.

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The Emperor Alexander III, a new Borei-class nuclear submarine, is engineered to carry 16 Bulava missiles. It is anticipated to be a key naval asset of Russia’s nuclear forces in ...

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