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'Perk Of Fame': Barbra Streisand Once Called Apple CEO Tim Cook To Correct Siri's Mispronunciation Of Her Name

Legendary singer Barbra Streisand has reached out to Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook for a unique issue – Siri’s mispronunciation of her name.

As per a recent 9to5Mac report, this amusing incident is part of Streisand’s memoir, “My Name is Barbra.” The singer unveiled her approach to resolve the issue during a BBC appearance over the weekend.

“I said, my name isn’t Streisand with a Z. It's Strei-sand like sand on the beach. So I decided to solve this problem,” the star shared.

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She then added, “I figured I'd better call Apple, I mean the head of Apple, you know, Tim Cook, and he had Siri change the ...

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