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Leaked Memo Reveals Dissent In US Diplomats Over Biden's Israel-Hamas Policy

An internal memo from the U.S. State Department staffers has surfaced, criticizing President Joe Biden‘s approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict and voicing a need for a policy shift.

According to a POLITICO report, the memo reflects a significant divide within the U.S. diplomatic corps over the administration’s Middle East policies. It indicates a deepening frustration and a call for the U.S. to reassess its stance toward Israel.

The memo, categorized as “sensitive but unclassified,” outlines U.S. diplomats’ concerns, highlighting the necessity for America to support a ceasefire and to balance its private and public messaging towards Israel. There is a push for the U.S. to openly criticize Israeli military tactics and the treatment of Palestinians, which contrasts with the usual private handling of such concerns.

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The document asserts that the current U.S. approach is damaging its reputation as an ...

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