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Synthetic THC In 50% Of Ireland's Cannabis Edibles Lure Children, Forensic Scientists' 'Sinister' Findings

As much as 50% of cannabis edibles seized and tested by Irish authorities last year haven’t had any THC. The sweets, however, contained a synthetic cannabinoid made to mimic the effects of THC in the body, according to the Forensic Science Ireland (FSI) Annual Report for 2022, released Monday and reported by Irish Times.

As much as half of the candy, often marketed as marijuana-infused or simply THC-infused, seized and tested contained synthetic man-made chemicals. Whereas little research has been done on the cannabis plant and its effects, even less is known about artificial compounds, which to all indications are a greater risk to product consumers.

The news comes on the heels of Ireland’s Citizens Assembly on Drugs Use vote in favor of a new health-led approach to drugs and illegal substances. The Assembly agreed to recommend a new approach that would observe drug ...

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