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This Psychedelics Co. May IPO With '$100M In Revenue,' Changing Mental Health Forever, Says VC Investor

In the evolving narrative of modern medicine, there's a new chapter being written by the pioneers at the helm of Mystic Ventures, where managing partner Jeremy Gardner is intently focused on the profound potential of psychedelics. The latest developments in this arena are not just about a burgeoning industry, but a seismic shift in how we approach some of the most intractable mental health issues.

"There's never been a more exciting time to be doing what we're doing," Gardner states, his voice resonating with the kind of conviction that only comes when one's work aligns seamlessly with one's values. At the age of 31, having already navigated multiple careers, Gardner has found his calling in the psychedelic space, an industry at the precipice of a revolution.

Mystic Ventures has strategically chosen to focus on the private markets, where Gardner believes companies can mature adequately without the pressures of public scrutiny. This approach has led them to an organization that stands out not just for its clinical advancements but for its anticipated ...

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