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Ever Wondered Which App Barack Obama Might Use The Most On His iPhone? We Have The Answer Now

Former President Barack Obama has revealed the Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPLiPhone apps he frequently uses, offering a glimpse into his life after the Oval Office.

What Happened: As commander-in-chief, Obama was confined to a Blackberry due to stringent security measures. Now, he has embraced the iPhone, a device off-limits during his time in office. 

This detail emerged in a recent interview with The Verge’s Nilay Patel, who inquired about the apps on Obama’s iPhone home screen, reported Business Insider. 

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Among his favorites, “Words With Friends” and “NBA League Pass” stand out, with Obama jokingly admitting that they might get a bit too much of his attention. 

“If you asked the ones that I probably go to more than I should, I might have to put Words With Friends ...

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