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Adobe's AI Images Of Israel-Hamas Tensions Raise Alarm Over Media Truth

In a move that has stirred up a debate on authenticity and ethics in digital media, Adobe Inc.’s (NASDAQ:ADBE) stock image service is now offering for sale artificially created images depicting scenes from the Israel-Hamas conflict.

What Happened: Amidst growing concerns over AI-generated fake imagery, Adobe Stock is selling artificial images depicting the Israel-Hamas conflict, reported PetaPixel.

Searching for “Israel-Palestine conflict” on Adobe Stock yields many AI-created images, with most of the results being computer-generated. These images, while some more convincing than others, are often indistinguishable from real photographs at a glance, raising alarms over the potential for misinformation.

Australian website Crikey, which first reported the issue, discussed the implications with Dr. T.J. Thomson from RMIT University. Dr. Thomson highlighted the risk of these images distorting public perception and truth, expressing concern for the role of photographers who capture these scenes at great personal risk.

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Adobe has responded to the controversy, stating that all generative AI content on their platform is clearly labeled upon submission and that they are ...

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