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Apptile Launches Live Video Selling Solution to Help Brands Create Interactive Shopping Experiences

Apptile, a leading no-code mobile app platform, launches a new live selling solution to help brands create interactive, real-time shopping experiences within their mobile apps, driving sales and enhancing customer engagement.

Seattle, Washington, United States, 13th Jun 2024 - Apptile, a leading no-code mobile app platform, today announced the launch of its new live selling solution. This solution enables brands to host interactive shopping experiences directly within their mobile apps, driving increased sales and fostering stronger relationships with their customers. Live selling enables brands to showcase products in real-time, answer customer questions live, and offer a more engaging shopping experience that drives purchases.

Apptile Launches Live Video Selling Solution to Help Brands Create Interactive Shopping Experiences


The live video selling market is experiencing significant growth, with projections estimating it to reach $68 billion by 2026 in the US alone. Apptile’s new solution directly addresses this growing market, helping brands capitalize on the power of video to drive sales and build brand loyalty.

Apptile's live selling solution has features designed to optimize the live shopping experience for brands and their customers. Brands can now seamlessly integrate live video streams directly into their mobile app, creating a cohesive and immersive shopping environment. The platform also enables businesses to expand their reach by simultaneously broadcasting live events to their app and across all their social media channels, maximizing audience reach and engagement.

Additionally, Apptile's solution allows brands to transform live videos into shoppable replays, allowing customers to browse and purchase products long after the initial event. The offering also includes tools for hosts and moderators to ensure a smooth live stream experience.

"Live selling is a powerful way for brands to bring their products to life, build their brand and interact with customers in real-time," said Vishal Sood, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Apptile. "With our platform, a fashion brand or a boutique can easily live stream with a stylist showcasing the latest collection, answering viewer questions, and letting customers instantly purchase their favorite items, all within their branded mobile app."

Apptile has powered superior mobile experiences for over 300 businesses, from startups to household names. The addition of live selling capabilities furthers Apptile's mission to empower businesses of all sizes to create mobile app experiences that drive customer engagement, boost sales, and build loyalty. 

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